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Article: The Secret to Giving The Perfect Gift Always

The Secret to Giving The Perfect Gift Always

The Secret to Giving The Perfect Gift Always

Let’s think think about this for a minute. Is there a trick or science to gift giving? Honestly, in our opinion, we think so! Have you ever gotten a gift from someone really close and wondered what on earth the person was thinking? Or thought, oh wow! this is absolutely perfect! Like it was made just for me!

It may seem like someone people have a heavenly skill of always picking out the right gifts no matter the occasion but if you fall into the category of “never know what to get”, keep reading because this is all for you.

Put them first.

The number one secret to finding and giving the perfect gift is to always put the person first. Giving thoughtful and great gifts requires you to think about the personality and style of the receiver. You want to make them feel seen, heard or understood and the easiest way to do this is to give a gift personal to them. It's not about you or what you like but it's about giving something that is unique to them, like a personalized gift such as the Initial Disc Pendant.

The Initial Disc Pendant comes in two varieties, plated gold with a gold filled chain or sterling silver in an adorable length of 18 inches, making it ideal for different clothing neck styles, as well as different occasions.


Give A Gift With Meaning

There is something really special about gifting a piece filled with story, inspiration or encouragement. It’s a piece that can uplift during the dark cloudy days, or help to keep them going when the going gets tough. Sometimes, it could be a piece where they get to carry along everyday a piece of history, culture or heritage and serve as a proud memento no matter what corner of the world they find themselves.

The ODI collection has a beautiful assortment of pieces inspired the historical Olumo Rock in Western Nigeria that will be a hit. Like the bestselling ODI Studs.


Spruce It Up

Now that you have found the perfect gift, it’s time to make sure it nicely packed for your receiver. Giving is one of the most heart-warming gestures you can make to someone else, so why not go the extra mile and have it nicely gift wrapped to ensure that your thoughtfulness leaves a delightful impression. Make it extra special by selecting a lovable jewelry gift with a personal touch.


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