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Start With Why

Start With Why is a popular book and talked about a lot in the professional setting. The book was written by Simon Sinek and he gives very good insight into the top questions you must ask if you desire to make an impact, lead others or even start a company on a solid ground.

They say, one of the major reasons businesses don't succeed is because there is no clear vision or reason for existence. Did you start your business because Mr. A started his business and seems to be doing well? Or did you start yours because there is some deep need you found and believe you can satisfy it? In his book, Sinek, possess various questions to help have a clear plan and vision for whatever endeavor you choose to go into and provides practical ways to apply his ideas.

52 Uncommon Dates: A Couple's Adventure Guide for Praying, Playing, and Staying Together

52 Uncommon Dates ignites a prayerful and playful connection in a way that feels natural for couples to schedule and relate to real life. Fun, creative, and spiritually engaging, this powerful resource will revive the relational, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your relationship, one date at a time.

An Innocent Abroad

A fun and easy read for every travel loving soul. This book is a collection different stories and experiences from more than 20 well-known writers and celebrities. They talk about the travel experiences that shaped their personalities and changed their lives. 

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