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Article: Power Dressing Your Way to Success

Power Dressing Your Way to Success

Power Dressing Your Way to Success

Like it or not, your clothes and how you accessorize (or do not accessorize) make a strong statement about your personal style and how you see yourself. Your clothes speak about how you perceive yourself and situations around you. For instance, you show up to an interview at a bank in jeans, a white shirt, and dressy sandals. Yea, you may not necessarily look sloppy but your choice of outfit says "I do not take the interview or institution serious enough to dress appropriately for the occasion."

If the way you dress is sloppy or boring, people begin to see you as sloppy or boring. If you pay attention to your style and how you project yourself, people tend to treat you with more respect, attention and in some cases pay you more!

Another reason to power dress is because how you dress could really affect how you feel about yourself. You have heard it so many times and it's probably a cliché now but it is very true. If you aren’t happy with your appearance, you become negatively conscious of your appearance, your self-esteem begins to lower and the way to you see yourself begins to influence how other people see you and interact with you.

So how do you make sure you are speaking the right style language for you?

5 things! (+ bonus tip & free PDF download at the end!)

zivanora power dressing for success

Know your body type

Are you petite, short, skinny or voluptuous? A pear shape or an hourglass figure? Knowing your specific shape will help you shop better and make better decisions on the kinds of outfits you wear and how your wear them. Knowing your body type will help you choose pieces that flatter you rather than take away from your beauty.

Know your flattering colors

Does your skin pop when you were gold jewelry? or does silver jewelry make your eyes sparkle just a little bit more? Knowing this little secret can help you pair your jewelry to your outfits better.

Be Adventurous!

Shopping outside your comfort zones can be a little scary but once in a while try something new. If you are all solid prints, try buying something with patterns. It could be an accent on your shoes or tying a silk patterned scarf to your handbag. Another way to be adventurous could be wearing a brooch in an unusual location, trying a long sleeve shirt/blouse with a sleeveless gown or jacket. The possibilities are almost endless so do something unusual!

Be prepared.

Planning your outfits the night before eliminates the pressure of rushing to find something cute and appropriate in the morning. Instead, you get to use those extra minutes in the morning to have breakfast, meditate or spend time with the kids.

When preparing your outfits for the next day, make sure to plan out based on the occasion and weather. It makes you appear more put together and organized.

Invest Wisely

Don't fill up your wardrobe with trendy outfits. You want at least 60% of your wardrobe to contain investment pieces and the remaining divided between trendy and special occasion outfits. Investment pieces eliminate the need to constantly shop every season for basic outfits, saving you money in the long run and always giving you a timeless look.

Your investment pieces should always be about quality, not quantity.

Bonus Tip & Download!

Remember to be comfortable

There is nothing worse than looking like a million dollars but being in the utmost pain or discomfort, especially if you need to be in your clothes & shoes for long hours. The pain will distract you from what’s important, preventing you from really being in the moment and enjoying the outfit.

Wardrobe Investment Pieces download link

wardrobe essentials

So what is your favorite power tip? Share in the comment section below!

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My favourite power tip is #5 – invest wisely. This is so so true!!! I own clothes that I’ve had for years and they still look new. I am always amazed when i get compliments for clothes I’ve worn for the umpteenth time in the same social circle.


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