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zivanora rock cuff bracelets


Adorn your wrists just the way you like it.

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gold filled chain bracelet with symbols from the adinkrahenegold filled chain bracelet with white pearl
Di Kan Chain Bracelet Sale price₦64,720.00
gold paper clip chain braceletgold womens paper clip chain bracelet from zivanora jewellery
Odi Chain Bracelet Sale price₦48,800.00
zivanora gold cuff braceletlayered gold nugget like ends cuff bracelet
Odi Cuff Bracelet Sale price₦49,360.00
statement cuff bracelet by nigerian jewellery brand zivanorathe zivanora sisi 2 statement gold cuff bracelet
Pepita Sisi 2.0 Cuff Bracelet Sale price₦44,800.00