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Article: Building Your Jewelry Wardrobe [Part 1] Earrings

Building Your Jewelry Wardrobe [Part 1] Earrings

Building Your Jewelry Wardrobe [Part 1] Earrings

Creating your own wardrobe of jewelry that speaks your style and is always right for any occasion doesn't have to be so hard.

So here are some essential tips to keep in mind when next you go shopping for jewelry.


Frame Your Face

Your face is one of the first things people notice about you and make judgments about who they think you are. From just your face, they could judge if they think you are friendly, trustworthy, fun or uninteresting. One really simple trick I have learned over the years to bring a hint of life & glow to my face is to put on a pair of earrings!


  Try This At Home: Stand in front of a mirror and stare at your face without earrings for a few seconds. Then put on a pair of earrings, whether studs or pearls and notice how they uplift to your face!

Earrings, even the smallest of them all, have a major impact on the way you look and on your outfit. For the most part, your earrings are in direct line of sight of anyone you speak to. As a newbie or someone just tired of buying random jewelry, here are the styles you need and can't go wrong with.


A Pair of Studs

A pair of simple studs for every day like the Essence Disc Studs is very easy to style and can be worn alone or with a simple pendant necklace.

Tip: Keep a spare of these in your bag because they come in really handy if you happen to lose your earrings while out and about or forgot to wear a pair before leaving the house. These kinds of earrings would take you through everyday activities and are perfect if you want a more muted or minimalist look


A Stylish Pair for Day to Night

Every lady needs a pair of stylish earrings (especially for impromptu occasions) to uplift a plain outfit. For a jewelry newbie, it's great to invest in pieces that can be worn several ways or come in multiple parts you can wear as a set or as independent pieces depending on the occasion, like the Pepita Mini Hoop Jacket Earrings, which are a perfect piece for transitioning your look from day to night without a hassle. 

Invest in pieces you can wear to work and after hours with your colleagues.


A Statement Piece

Every lady needs at least one statement piece that steals the show when worn. Your statement piece doesn't have to be a ridiculously big piece in size but a piece that becomes the focal point of your accessories and doesn't require a necklace. A statement earring comes in really handy for events such as weddings or parties.

The wonderful thing about statement earrings are, you don't need to wear too much jewelry. A statement pair of earrings combined with a ring or bracelet is enough to still have you looking fantastic.


In summary, building your jewelry wardrobe is all about choosing versatile and enduring pieces that allow you to express your style and let your personality shine through. It's about shopping for pieces you are comfortable in and actually love irrespective of trends.


Have you ever tried building your own jewelry wardrobe intentionally? How did it go?

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