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Article: How To Honor Your Dad This Father's Day

How To Honor Your Dad This Father's Day

How To Honor Your Dad This Father's Day

Father's day is around the corner and it's a perfect time to do something that honors him. Father's don't usually get as much fanfare as mums do on their day but irrespective of if you agree or not, they also play an important and valuable role in our lives.

I love this quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr that says "Life doesn't come with an instruction book. That's why we have fathers."

So this father's day, here are some ways you can honor him.

Go down memory lane with him.

father's day activities to honor him with old pictures

This is a fun and delightful way to say thanks for all the great things and ways he has been there for you and your family. Create a list of memories related to your father. Was it a vacation you took together? Was it something funny or impactful he always told you growing up? Is it a smell or sound that reminds you of him? Was it a favorite book he read to you as a kid or a song you sang together? Is it a favorite family tradition? His best and worst dad jokes?

Now, the fun part, after you have gathered all you want to say here are 3 ways to present it to him on Father's day.

  1. Put these memories together into a “This Is Our Life” presentation for him, where family members and old friends can come together to watch. Make sure you have the presentation session on tape so you can go back in time and watch this event too sometime in the future.
  2. Write a handwritten letter thanking your dad for all he’s done and all he means to you. If you have siblings, everyone can take turns to read the letter in front of him and the whole family. After the reading, present him a framed copy of the letter. To make it even extra special, add a few old family photos next to the letter in the frame.
  3. Buy a book with blank pages and write one thing you’re thankful for on each page and attach a photo of that event next to it if you have one. Send the book to your siblings if you have any and let everyone contribute to the book.

    Quality Time

    fathers day activity idea

    In the middle of the everyday hustle and bustle, it's very easy to get preoccupied with all the things we need to do to survive daily. We forget to reach out and just be present with the ones we care about. So one way to honor your dad during Father's day this year is to take some time out and spend quality time with him. This necessarily doesn't have to be a whole day event but carve out a couple hours says 3 - 7 hours just to be with him and be fully present. I can almost hear your thoughts thinking, 7hrs??? If that sounds like a lot, here are some ideas to spend the time.

    1. You could have a movie marathon at home watching his favorite movies
    2. Go golfing or play his favorite sport
    3. Take a trip to the city or area he grew up as a child
    4. If he is a handy kind of person, build something with him
    5. Take him to a jazz night event
    6. Get him an all expense paid visit to the spa
    7. Attend a cooking class together
    8. Go museum hopping
    9. Volunteer together at his favorite charity or any charity supporting a cause he is passionate about
    10. If he is still young at heart and up for the fun, take him to an amusement park
    11. Make something on his bucket list come true.

    Spoil Him

    fathers day gift

    In addition to the things shared above, don't forget to get him something thoughtful. Remember it's not about the price tag but the heart behind it.

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