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Article: How To Get Out of Your Jewelry & Style Rut This Year

How To Get Out of Your Jewelry & Style Rut This Year

How To Get Out of Your Jewelry & Style Rut This Year

Happy New Year! 2020 is finally upon us and there's no better time to be in with the new and out with the old. Since we can't always go out to buy a brand new set of wardrobe every season or every time we get tired of our current selection, we have put together an easy list of things you can do to get out of a style rut asap. 

The key to getting out of a style rut especially with your jewelry style is to break through old thinking patterns and monotonous habits you have created for yourself.

Here are our 6 ways to get out of a jewelry rut.

how to get out of a jewelry style rut right now

1. Take full stock! Do you know why we easily get into a rut? It's because we tend to wear the same piece, over and over again forgetting all the other amazing pieces we own.

A great way to fix this is to bring out all the jewelry you own and lay them all out. Sort through them to remove any damaged pieces or pieces you are sure you have outgrown.

Now, make a conscious effort to bring these pieces into your everyday rotation.  

2. Try Layering. If you have never tried the layering style trend, now is a great time to get it into your style rotation. Try layering your necklaces, bracelets, and rings for a more updated look and feel to your personal style.

One the other hand, if you have been layering your jewelry already, try layering in a different way. For instance, try layering chunky necklaces with a more dainty style in a different way. (See this Pinterest page for more inspiration)

3. Host a swap party! This is a great way to get rid of pieces you are sure no longer suit your style and replace for new pieces to breathe new life into your style.

4. Get out of your comfort zone and try a new style aesthetic. This one may require a bit of creativity on your part but it's absolutely nothing you cannot handle. List three main things you love on someone's style you admire but think you could never pull off yourself. Now go on a mission to make them work for you in your own way by trying out different versions of their style, toning down the intensity or rasing it! (e.g. trying a different metal color or different style of earrings).

try immediately: 

Pick a simple outfit, like jeans plus a white t-shirt or your favorite little black dress, and challenge yourself to create 5 completely different looks outside of your regular go-to style with your jewelry. To make it even more interesting, try changing up your hairstyle or makeup too.

5. Mix your metals. Back in the day, mixing different color metals was such a no-no but thankfully, that's all behind us now. Try mixing your gold pieces with silver or rose gold by wearing these different colors at the same time. You can do this by stacking different color bracelets together or wearing rings in different tones at the same time.

6. Find inspiration online. If you do not already have a Pinterest board, this is a perfect time to sign up! Pinterest is the plug to having a plethora of new ideas of how to switch things up but warning! on Pinterest, it can become really easy to fill up your inspiration board with super bold styles that might speak to you on an abstract level but are not practical for you or your environment in real life. So rather than pinning a ton of pretty high-fashion pictures, try to look for images that can help you reshape a wardrobe that is right for your own lifestyle. Find 10 outfits on Pinterest that you can and would wear exactly as pictured.

Now tell us, which of these tips would you be trying first? Also, don't forget to share this post with your followers on social media.

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