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Article: Introducing Essence

Introducing Essence

Introducing Essence

The very first collection, Essence, is here and I could not be more excited to share it with you.

Being the very first collection of the house, I thought to myself, what would be the perfect way to introduce Zivanora and her art to the world? What would become so special to you the wearer and have beautiful meaning as you wear these pieces every day? After a lot of soul-searching and inspiration digging, it hit me! Zivanora is at the beginning of her journey so why not start from there!

Designing this first collection, Essence, I decided to explore one of my favorite sources of inspiration, architecture. Looking at the elements and art of various buildings and structures, I noticed that at the very core of every design was the foundational element of art The Line!

And at that moment, Essence was born


Everything we see, touch, and sense around us started from the line and so this collection became inspired by that. From every geometric shape, every piece of art, the clothes we wear and physical thing the line .

With this collection, I sought out to transform the line into stunning shapes and forms that are perfect for the modern woman. I loved how the line can be used to create visual interest and focus. How it can be drawn in any direction to create 2D and 3D objects. How it interacts with other lines to create anything you can imagine. I loved how a line can be spotted in everything you can see and touch around you, how its combination with other lines can be used to create stability, structure, strength, and allure.

zivanora essence mood board

Effortless to wear, striking in color and style, the pieces in this collection make it a breeze to transition between work and play styles. The rings can be worn alone for a minimal style or stacked together for a more striking look.

One of my favorite pieces is the Essence Stacking Disc Ring. It is a set of 3 rings that can be worn alone for a minimal style or stacked together for a more striking look. With additional bands like the Essence Bar Band Ring, you can build your stack as high as you like!


The earrings in this collection have each been designed to flatter various face shapes whether you have a round face or square shape or any of the other kinds.

zivanora essence hoop earrings



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Doubara you are a true emerging talent in the jewelry industry. Your character, dedication and able to ask the right questions in your pursuit of excellence is truly remarkable. I love your spirit and truly enjoyed advising you when you were a student at FIDM in Los Angeles, CA. You left a indelible impression on me and all those that you worked with. while learning your trade.
God Best to you in your new business.
Cynthia Harvey, Fashion Designer & Advisor.

Cynthia Harvey

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