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Article: Layering Your Necklace 101

Layering Your Necklace 101

Layering Your Necklace 101

The necklace layering trend got really hot from 2017 and here we are in 2019 with it still going strong. Honestly, if it were left to us, it would never end. Why? It creates such a chic look and is a very easy way to dress up an otherwise plain outfit or add more personality to a nice outfit.

So, if you struggle with pulling this look off, check out this guide we have created just for you, breaking down the elements of a well-executed layered look and some inspiration looks to help you replicate your favorite combination.

hero piece layering necklace guideA great trick for pulling off great necklace layering is to start with a main eye-catching piece and build from there. This piece could be the biggest in size or have some character that makes it attention-grabbing when people see you. From here, begin selecting other pieces that compliment your main piece. See Step 3 for more details.

Pick the Right necklace Length

Picking the right length of necklaces is crucial to nailing this look and this is where the magic is. Layering necklaces look best when there are a variety of lengths in the mix. So to really nail this look, you need at least one necklace in 14 or 16 inches mixed with other necklaces that are 2 inches or more longer in length. The idea is to leave a bit of room between each necklace to allow each one show and standout on their own.

necklace length chart

Picking a theme makes it easy to create a unifying look. You could build a theme around color which could be monochromatic or colors that complement each other. You could also pick a theme around complementary weights, necklace styles or textures.

Lastly, make it personal! After you have done all of the above, top off your look with a piece that has a personal meaning to you. This could be a piece personalized to you with your name (like our Essence Custom Initial Necklace) or a date (Check this one out) that has significance to you or a piece with your birthstone in it.

layered necklace styling

necklace layering sample

Check out this Pinterest page for more ideas: Layering Styles on Pinterest

What are your thought on layering? Do you layer your jewelry?

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