Jewelry Style Tips for Your First Date

You finally met Mr. Right and you have your first date coming up (yippee!). All week long, you've been thinking about what to wear to this first date. In your mind, you've thought about how you want to grab his attention and keep it all through the date (for all the right reasons of course).

So whether it's a coffee date, a slightly fancy date in the city, a picnic or all out fine dining, here are styling tips for your first date with your Zivanora pieces.

coffee date

Central focus, the hands with the Essence Disc and Bar Double Ring, and wrist with the Essence Bar Cuff. On this type of date, keep it easy and clean with these pieces.

1st coffee date style


Your first date is planned for lunch in the city. This is a great time to glam it up but still keep it clean and tasteful. Try these pieces to give you that bold but easy going girl look. You can wear either the Essence Double Hoop Earrings or Essence Disc Studs.

zivanora first date style


On a date like this, you want to dress to impress. Let the beauty of your feminity shine through through these pieces. The pieces here say I keep it classy and I am confident. 

zivanora_first date style

Now that you set for your first date, shop the looks here

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