The Latest in Culla: Culla Drop Statement Earrings

With the whirlwind of gloom that swept the world in 2020, we are excited to bring some color and excitement back into your wardrobe and life to wrap up the year and usher us into a better 2021.

Say hello to the newest addition to the Culla collection, the Culla Drop Statement Earrings. With pops of color and effortless styling, this piece is all about you. Just like the inspiration behind the collection, we hope it inspires in you, a sense of boldness and desire to bring back fun and color into life!

"This year and decade, we are holding on to our dreams and refusing to give up no matter.  We are holding on to love and living life to the fullest in style."

zivanora culla collection gold statement drop earrings in peacock blue and maroon pink

The Culla Drop Statement Earrings come in various exciting colors like peacock, a soothing mix of blues, inspiring that calming and relaxing feel of clear ocean blue seas and trips to the beach. Strawberry, a yummy vibrant maroon pink perfect for that pop of color any day, any time. Mocha, with a deep grey agate look for a minimalist sophisticated night in a LBD and cinnamon, a gorgeous brown with black streaks flowing in unique patterns.

zivanora culla gold statement earrings in mocha and brown

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