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Article: Your Necklace Length Guide

necklace length chart and guide

Your Necklace Length Guide

The length, weight, and proportion of your jewelry go a long way in creating harmony and balance with your outfit. A slightly off length or size can cause a visual imbalance in your look and take away style points.

In this post, I am going to teach you about the various necklace lengths and give you styling tips for each length.

Measuring Tip: You might be a little confused when looking at a necklace and knowing it can't possibly be a certain length. The way necklaces are measured is by opening it up (if it can be).  Make it as straight as possible and then measure the length with a ruler or a tape. This length is the length of the necklace.

CHOKER (about 12-14"):

Even if you haven't been paying too much attention to style magazines, a couple flips here and there show you that chokers are in right now. This necklace length style fits snug or a little bit loose around your neck. It sits really high and projects a look and feel no one can miss especially when you pair it really well. The choker necklace which started trending again in 2016 pairs really well with off shoulder outfits or a men's inspired blazer for an edgy look. This necklace length is also really great for layering for a casual look.

COLLAR (about 16"): 

The collar length necklace sits around the lower neck area. It is a great length to emphasizes the shoulders, so if you've got shoulders to flaunt, this is your style.

PRINCESS (about 18"):

This is a pretty common length, especially with a pendant necklace. It is a go to length for various necklines and can be very flattering when worn with a button up shirt or round neck outfits. This length rests a little bit below the collarbone. 

If this chain style, like our Custom Disc Necklace, is worn with a pendant, the pendant gives the chain a V shape making it even more flattering with V-neck style outfits.

MATINEE (about 20-24"):

The Matinee necklace length rests between the collarbone and the bust. It pairs really well with formal and semi-formal looks and works really great on a collared shirt. This style necklace is also very flattering with high necklines, turtlenecks, and taller women.

OPERA (28-34"):

Opera necklace length drapes on the bust and can extend some inches below the bust. This necklace length lends itself to a multistrand look if it is long enough to go over your head more than once. This length style, which is available in the Essence collection (Essence Long Reversible Disc Necklace) is a favorite of mine for fancy dinner dates or professional events.

essence long reversible disc necklace zivanora


Perfect for upscale business wear or really fancy evening wear. Use rope length necklaces to create a dramatic style and make a statement. They also lend themselves to multiple looping around your neck because of their length.

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