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Article: Introducing The Di Kan Collection

Introducing The Di Kan Collection

Introducing The Di Kan Collection

Zivanora is excited to announce the launch of our new collection, Di Kan. We have been thinking a lot about self-leadership, standing up and owning your life, choosing the things that matter to you, and going after them in confidence and faith. With this collection, we want to inspire you to choose greatness in what you do and, as you pursue your dreams day to day, get to carry along pieces that help you feel empowered and stir up confidence.

The phrase Di kan is of Ghanaian origins, and it translates to "lead yourself." This collection was mainly inspired by the Adinkra symbol the Adinkrahene. Adinkra symbols are historical and powerful symbols that have been used and worn for generations and hold a deep connection to Ghanaian tradition. The Adinkrahene is known as the king of symbols and is said to be the design source behind all the other symbols. Adinkrahene means greatness, leadership, and charisma.


adinkrahene symbol
The Adinkrahene.

The Di Kan collection is the second installment in our homage series the first being the ODI collection. This collection honors and celebrates our African heritage alongside individuals dedicating their time and energy to choose to be better versions of themselves. To self-lead and embrace the path of greatness each day, no matter how small.

This symbol has come to represent powerful words of inspiration and when worn we hope to inspire and remind you of the greatness that lies within you and to always lead with greatness. To be inspired to live every day with self-awareness and self-motivation to achieve every dream.

The collection uses the rings of the Adinkrahene, transforming them into wearable delectable jewelry perfect for day or night wear.

It is a collection featuring alluring drop earrings finished in white pearls for an extra touch of elegance. Classic hoop earrings for styling winning looks, cufflinks for the dapper gents, and rings to show off every time.

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