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Article: #TheReadingRoom: April's Roundup

#TheReadingRoom: April's Roundup

#TheReadingRoom: April's Roundup

zivanora_blog_reading listIn this month of April, these books are topping the list of must-reads. This month, the Reading Room takes you through a bit of romance, financial wisdom with The Smart Money Woman and how to win in business and life.


The Alchemist

This book tells the story of a young shepherd named Santiago who finds a treasure beyond his wildest dreams but the journey to his treasure isn't as simple as he thought. In his quest to find this treasure, he learns to listen to his heart and, more importantly, realizes that his dreams are not just his alone but part of the soul of the universe.


This is the story of the founder of Nasty Girl and her journey from broke girl to the CEO of a large multi-million dollar fashion company. She shares the story of her journey to entrepreneurship and how she grew her business into the Nasty Girl we know today. 

In her story, she talks about the power of a #GIRLBOSS and how you as a woman, can be in charge of your own life. A GirlBoss is all about working to get what she wants no matter the opposition or hurdles life throws.

The Smart Money Woman

Written by Nigerian author, Arese Ugwu, The Smart Money Woman is a must read for every young woman. In her book, Arese found a way to turn the daunting and 'boring' world of personal finance into a relatable and actionable book. She breaks down through story telling financial concepts such as assets, equity, debt, etc into understandable nuggets and helps readers begin the journey towards achieving financial freedom  

The Count of Monte Christo

This book became my personal favorite after my mum made me read it many years ago. It is a classic and wonderful piece of fiction. The story is a tale of a man called Dante as he begins his revenge on the three men responsible for his unjust imprisonment.

I Am Possible

Ever doubted you could make through this life? It is easy to get down and doubt your greatness because of all the things we get bombarded with through the news and social media. In his book. Godman Akinlabi shows that through faith that you can shed all earthly inhibitions, leap over obstacles and become all God created you to be, which is great!

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