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Article: A Word With: Ihinosen Ohioma

A Word With: Ihinosen Ohioma

A Word With: Ihinosen Ohioma

Meet Ihinosen Ohioma the great hands and the lady behind Nosen Hair Hub; a company centered around great hair care, styling, maintenance and hair products like extensions and other hair services. Take a peek into her world and find out her love for hair and jewelry persona.

Zivanora: Why hair and how did you get into it?

IO: I've always had an interest in hair and hairstyling and this led me to start doing my own hair while in University. Soon after, I started getting clients and it became a part of me. I was happy doing this so I decided to go full-time after I college. 

Zivanora: What about hair intrigues you?

IO: The way hair influences a person's look is what intrigues me. With every hairstyle change, you get a new look and you can really express your personality using your hair. You can also tell a bit about a person just by the way their hair looks. For example, if your hair is usually shabby, it just might mean you're a carefree person. 

nosen hair hub

Zivanora: What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten in life?

IO: Stop complaining and being negative. Start thinking positively because things work out best when you're positive. 

Zivanora: What was the first piece of jewelry you ever owned and how did you get it?

IO: The first piece of jewelry I got was a pair of gold earrings from my parents.

Zivanora: How would you describe your jewelry style?

zivanora word with nosen hair hub

Zivanora: What is your one favorite thing in the world to do?

IO: Watching videos about things I'm interested in

Zivanora: What is your favorite Zivanora piece?

IO: The Essence disc & bar double ring. It clearly defines what my jewelry style is.

Zivanora: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

IO: Don't over think it. Do whatever you think is right and true to you and be ready to deal with what comes after, whether good or bad. 


Instagram: @officialnosen



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