The Gentleman's Guide To French Cuffs

Aside from the tie, one of the most customizable components of a dress shirt is the cuff. Although cuff styles differ, it all boils down to the way it closes. Buttons of different kinds (mostly the boring whitish plastic kinds) are pretty much standard but every dapper man knows that the French cuff is the real MVP.


As a gentleman, the secret to not just looking sharp but having that air of "don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like me" is paying attention to every last detail of your outfit. This means a stunning wristwatch isn't going to cut it, you’ll need equally imposing cufflinks and/or a pocket square. 


By definition, a French cuff is a shirt cuff that is folded back before fastening, creating a double-layered cuff. This kind of cuff when rolled out completely extends past the wrist. Instead of a standard button, it has only buttonholes on both sides of the cuff and is fastened by cufflinks and this is where the fun begins.

Another great thing about French cuffs is you aren't stuck with whatever style button comes with the shirt. This gives you the chance to control your style statement even more.

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French cuffs are expected when you are dressing formally. Anything less for a black tie event is just plain sloppy, my friends!


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