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Sunday night, you suddenly remember it's a work day tomorrow and you are back to planning out your outfit(s) for work. Before you get tired and give into wearing the same ole boring or "safe" outfits, give your week a breath of fresh air!

Yes, we all know, work wear can be a sensitive terrain to navigate, even in so-called creative places and I'm the last to want to get you in trouble with *cough HR*.
So how to do spice things up at work without been boring, lackluster or mundane?

My no 1 trick to taking work wear style up a notch is infusing your outfit with a touch of your own personality and a dash of fun (even sexy!) via your choice of jewelry and other accessories!

Inspired by the Halter Neck jumpsuit by Nigerian brand Roksana, here is a Work Wear style that is Simply Chic!

Extra Style Tip: Pair with a power blazer and color pumps

zivanora work wear simply chic style

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Bar Band Ring                                 Disc in Circle Studs                     Bar Cuff                    Reversible Long Necklace


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