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Article: How Well Do You Know Your Cufflink Style [Part 2]

How Well Do You Know Your Cufflink Style [Part 2]

How Well Do You Know Your Cufflink Style [Part 2]

This is the concluding part of our previous post, How Well Do You Know Your Cufflink Style [Part 1], if you missed it, read all about it here.

Types of Cufflink Styles

5) Fixed Back Cufflinks

Fixed back cufflink styles are a little more difficult to insert than a bullet or whale back cufflinks and have no moving parts but like the chain link cufflink, they could be designed to be reversible giving you two pairs of cufflinks for the price of one.

fixed back cufflink

 6) Ball Return Cufflinks

Much like the stud design (see #7 below), a ball return cufflink has no moving parts. Instead, they have a spherical head attached to a curved bar which connects the top design.

The ball return cufflink is significantly easier to affix than some other styles.

ball return cufflinks

7) Stud/Button Cufflink

The stud or button style cufflink is a more secure cufflink style. It has no moving parts like the ball return and fixed back cufflinks and work like your traditional button, hence the name.  

To wear this style cufflink, tilt the cufflink stud end (this is the smaller end) through the buttonholes of your cuff. Once the stud has passed through all holes, straighten the cufflink to secure it for wear.  

Another great thing about this style of cufflink is both ends could be made with the same design or with different designs like our Pepita Valor Cufflink.

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Finally! Although they are a set number of the closing mechanism on a cufflink, there are a plethora of design styles to choose from. From more serious, simple and modern looking styles to whimsically designed cufflinks.

Wearing a cufflink is an easy way to up your style, command respect and set yourself apart. So irrespective of the cufflink style you choose, always ensure it speaks your style and comfort language as well as be appropriate for the occasion.

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