Making of The Essence Collection

The journey of the Essence collection from imagination to reality has been a long but exciting one. From inspiration to design to fabrication, I am excited to take you behind the curtains and show you the making of pieces from the Essence Collection.

Like it was shared in the previous post, Introducing Essence, the inspiration for this collection was The Line. The big question became how do you transform such a concept into a three-dimensional object that helps people express their style, feel beautiful or be the perfect gift during a celebration?

It started with spending time with the inspiration behind the collection and observing how the line takes shape. From there, it was weeks of sketching, some 3D modeling and then to the bench for fabrication.

After lots of calculations, measurements, filing and fabrication, every piece goes through a cleaning and polishing process to give it beautiful luster and reflectivity. 

cleaning process

The making of each piece in this collection has been done with a lot of love and with the purpose to effortlessly transition you the wearer, from day time to night time.

Which pieces will you make a staple in your wardrobe?

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