To Valentine or Not To Valentine

You know, valentine's day is one of those days you either really love and enjoy or one or the times of the year you can't wait to be over. In a world where there is so much going on, we believe the spirit of Valentine is needed more than ever. Not just valentine's for romantic love but valentine's to show appreciation and heartfelt care for those around us, lover or not.

So whether it's self-love, family love, or romantic love, we designed a special piece called the Heartbeat Bracelet to help you spread and share the love this season.

The Heartbeat bracelet was inspired by the rhythmic sound of the human heart. Two bangs that beat as one signifying life.

zivanora heartbeat customized gold bracelet

We also collaborated with two of our favorite Nigerian brands, K Aspen and Not Just Pulp to bring you the perfect no-fuss Gift Sets this Valentine's season.

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