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Article: Your Ultimate Pre-Christmas Checklist.

Your Ultimate Pre-Christmas Checklist.

Your Ultimate Pre-Christmas Checklist.

It's literally less than a month to Christmas and we couldn't be more excited! Christmas is one of our favorite holidays and we know that with the holidays comes lots of things to get done and get off our to-do list even before the big day.

So this year, we put together our own ultimate pre-Christmas to-do list to help you have fun and enjoy the holidays with loved ones.

zivanora ultimate pre christmas todo list

_ Buy your travel tickets! Wherever you will be calling home this holiday season, if you need to get tickets of any kind, go get them right this minute (we'll wait).

_ Get yourself something nice and comfy to wear this Christmas. Whether you are feasting with friends, family or by yourself, go get yourself something you love (preferably something that would be great at hiding any jollof stains 😉). Trust us, Christmas day outfits aren't for kids alone. There is something fun and joyful about dressing up for the holidays. It adds to the cheer! 

_ Get the perfect accessories to go with your holiday outfit. We got you covered on that!

_ Make peace with the holiday weight. With the holidays comes lots of great meals and scrumptious desserts we can barely say no to. No point fighting it. Just make peace. 

_ Don't Go empty-handed this year. Christmas is a season of not just receiving but also giving. It's another time to show appreciation for those we love, so we created a gift guide to help you shop for everyone on your list, including your secret Santa at work! See it here.

_ Get our Christmas playlist! What's Christmas without Christmas carols and jingles? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! So bring on the Christmas spirit with classics from Bonny M to Mariah Carey all the way to reggae Christmas vibes. Click here to access our Christmas playlist 

*featured image by [Christmas vector created by freepik -]

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