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Article: Z Talks With Ekamma, Founder of Photography by Echa

Z Talks With Ekamma, Founder of Photography by Echa

Z Talks With Ekamma, Founder of Photography by Echa

This month, we are chatting with the power woman behind the brand Photography by Echa who has done amazing work for brands like Coca Cola, Today's Woman Magazine, as well as numerous small Nigerian businesses to give their products and brand a professional look. 
Z: Tell us about yourself & what you do 
E: I am Ekamma Uyoh Obodoechi... You can call me ECHA pronounced as Eka. The second of five kids, God lover, fun-loving and easy-going 😁. I am a product and advertising photographer and the creative director at Photography by Echa. Photography by Echa is an advertising photography studio located In Lagos (we are open to traveling anywhere). You can check out some of our works here at and  @photographybyecha on Instagram.
Z: What was your inspiration for going into photography? 
E: Growing up, I was that kid that would pick up scrap and turn it into art, or cut out papers and create something beautiful out of it. I used to draw a lot and at a point, I imagined what it would be like if my drawings were real people or things I could touch or feel and so that birthed photography.
Z: Oh wow! That is so amazing! So since you started photography, what's one highlight in your career you can share with us?
E: Oh, there are many!  But one I can share is working with the Coca-Cola brand on the "Na glass sure pass" campaign. Coca-Cola is a brand I've always hoped to work with so seeing my work on billboards, posters in shops and on the back of their trucks is an inexplicable level of fulfillment to me. 
Z: How would you describe your personal style?: 
E: Simple!
Z: What was the first piece of jewelry you ever owned?: 
E: My mum used to buy us a lot of jewelry lol... But I think the first one I bought my self was a charm bracelet... It was a mixture of teal, light blue, dark blue, and silver chain... Really pretty 😍
Z: How did you get it & and how did it make you feel?:
E: I got it from a shop... Haaaaaa I felt trendy 😂😂😂there is a feeling a new piece of jewelry gives.
Z: I think we know how you feel! It's such an exciting feeling too!
Z: How would you describe your jewelry style?
E: "Minimal bling" lol... I really love jewelry. But not chunky everywhere in your face up Nepa kind of jewelry. I just like it minimal, trendy and cool.
Z: What is your favorite Zivanora piece?:
E: Oh! of course, the Essence Disc Double Hoop Earrings!!! I've loved it from the first day I saw it on Zivanora's Instagram page! It's very comfortable, timeless and trendy.  One thing I really love about it is that it goes with a lot of my outfits!
photographybyecha in the essence double hoop earrings
Z: What's 1 great insight you can share with other entrepreneurs reading this?
E: Patience is me
Z: Random Question! It's the weekend, stay in or go out?: 
E: Friday, stay in! Saturday, go out!!!  But not this covid-19 lockdown 😂 
Don't forget to connect with and follow Photography by Echa on Instagram
Ekamma is wearing the Essence Double Hoop Earrings.

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