#TheReadingRoom: May

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This month of May, the Reading Room is all about inspiration and steps towards a more meaningful life. Discovering how to work towards living more intentional, stress-free and healthy from the inside out.

The Confident Woman

In this book, Joyce Meyer speaks from her own personal journey of insecurity to confidence. She shows you how to discover your own true confidence through faith in Jesus Christ. From this book, discover seven powerful characteristics of a woman with confidence and how to live an exciting, meaningful and bold life.

Switch On Your Brain

Did you know that fear triggers a lot of chemicals that can harm your immune system? This book is all about discovering how toxic thoughts can actually harm your physical health! But Dr. Leaf doesn't leave you hanging, she shows through her studies and scientific research, the connections between your thoughts and your health and how to control toxic thoughts that can affect your wellness.

She also talks about the role positive thoughts actually play in your body and not just your mind. She talks about the importance of correcting your thinking patterns, and how you can use your thoughts to live a more healthy life.

How Full Is Your Bucket

The bucket in this book is a metaphor for your sense of well-being. Every interaction fills your bucket or drains it. So how do you manage your personal bucket? What do you allow in? How do you refill? How do you pour out into others? What do you take from others? A nice quick read reminding you to be mindful of what flows in and out of your person into the world.


In Thrive, Arianna Huffington, founder of the popular site The Huffington Post, makes a passionate and compelling case for the need to redefine what it means to be successful in today’s world. In her book, she shares that success cannot longer be defined by two metrics - money and power but by a third and much needed metric that allows you go through work and life without pitstops at guilt and heart-attack city.


Genius is overrated from Gladwell's point of view. He discusses how success is not just about innate ability but a combination of key factors like opportunity, consistent hard work, timing, etc. So how do you take advantage of these factors to become a standout person? Or in Gladwell's words, an outlier?

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